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GL Coaching
For the future you


Who is guy?

Loss of loved ones, partying, lacking self-worth, no discipline, not a care in the world for repercussions & always focused on the pleasure of now… An expression of the person I have been throughout my past life. I am a young male who feels like he has been through it all; I have lived what feels like a long life but wake up grateful every single day for all that has happened because it's reason has led me to be who I am today. As you might now know my name is Guy, I am the future self-advocate when it comes to looking after your future & the person that you want to be. I am an individual in love with the dynamic of working with all humans, coming from a place of soft care and needed accountability. I feel my life's greatest superpower is relatability. Life is always more complex than just what's seen on the surface, and I have spent years building my life to be my best self, conscious enough to own my shit & control MY LIFE.

The GL Approach:

#theGLway X Future Self is when you become conscious of how you are living your life, compared to what you know it could be. This approach to your fitness journey, lifestyle journey or personal self development is focused as a slow long-term progressive dynamic towards looking after your future self & becoming the person you know you can be, not what you continue to hold back being.

The most important understanding of the GLW approach is learning that real change needs real change. We are not here to keep it at the surface and focus on temporary progressions. The goal is to change your life forever. I love working with everyone long term, but my true goal is to build you into a position where you are able to continue on your own, because this is a forever change.

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This method is the approach that rules all progressions for the long term. When you think of the person you want to be in the future they aren't doing what you are doing now, making these choices, living this life - they are different. They are living the life you are able to live when you learn that to see real, proper and long term change, there need to be real change made.



To keep it simple, the 50/50 method is an approach to our dynamic together. We are equal in this, it's not coach above and client below coach; I am the expert in this field, but you are the expert on you, your body & your past. The 50/50 dynamic keeps the process away from the idea that I work for you, or that you work for me, again we are working together. Finally, one of the best aspects of this method is that it doesn't have you treating me as a boss, parent, or someone to work against. It's always best to treat it like a friendship dynamic so that there isn't the want to 'hide, not tell or not own up to'... aiming to create an equal dynamic that feels trust, care, energy & open vulnerability.


The stepping stone principle is a significantly individualised approach based on the current knowledge, understanding, ability & priority per person. It is the fact of SLOWLY adding, progressing and developing factors over a LONG period, bit by bit, level by level, stone by stone... It is the reduction of starting out having to nail and perfect everything from the first week as we lengthen it all out and learn/ progress over time. This principle is similar to exposure therapy, in which it's all focused on allowing progressive adaptation without real regression to take place. Short-term results are great, but long term results are the STEPPING STONE PRINCIPLE.



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