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GL Coaching
For the future you



Introduced into the fitness industry in 2016, after the first time stepping inside the gym, I knew after completing my first guided training session that this would be a very important aspect of my future. I am a young male who at times, feels like I have lived a really long life, having been through some of the toughest of challenges. I have been through many major life experiences, traumas and uncomfortable situations that has pushed me long-term to become the best version of myself and quite conscious of what it takes to change your life. I'm an individual who is in love with the dynamic of working with all humans, from a place of care, understanding and relatability, truly hearing what people say. Life is more complex than the surface level seen, and building that awareness in myself has allowed me to evolve GLC.

The GL Approach:

#theGLway is an approach to a lifestyle, fitness journey or goal that has been built over 5 years to slowly allow an individual to develop a long-term lifestyle-focused progressive approach to the future. Diving deeper than just the surface using the stepping stone method of progression to allow real change to become real change. 

Although I love to work with everyone long-term, my true goal is to have you in a position where you are able to go off on your own and continue what we have created together - your lifestyle. It takes time to build this lifestyle, and throughout our minimum time together, we are able to learn these tools and understand these needed factors, which, if it then becomes long-term together, we can really solidify and fine tune

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To keep it simple, the 50/50 method is an approach to our dynamic together. We are equal in this, it's not coach above and client below coach; I am the expert in this field, but you are the expert on you & your body. The 50/50 dynamic keeps the process away from the idea that I work for you, or that you work for me, again we are working together. Finally, one of the best aspects of this method is that it doesn't have you treating me as a boss, parent, or someone to work against. It's always best to treat it like a friendship dynamic so that there isn't the want to 'hide, not tell or not own up to'... aiming to create an equal dynamic that feels trust, care, energy & open vulnerability.



The average system allows coaching & targeting to be added into your life, not your life HAVING to work around your journey. What the average system allows is to avoid having to reach, hit or do specific aspects on certain days. It eliminates the elements of a good day, bad day, on-track day, or off-track day because the main focus for the work done is all about having it averaged over the week before Sunday. High cals one day can be managed with a lower cal day,a lower step day can be managed with a higher step day, movement/ cardio can be collected & totalled over the whole week. It's all about learning to work with the grey, evolving the old mindsets of black & white.


The stepping stone principle is a significantly individualised approach based on the current knowledge, understanding, ability & priority per person. It is the fact of SLOWLY adding, progressing and developing factors over a LONG period, bit by bit, level by level, stone by stone... it is the reduction of starting out having to nail and perfect everything from the first week as we lengthen it all out and learn/ progress over time. This principle is similar to exposure therapy, in which it's all focused on allowing progressive adaptation without regression to take place. Short-term results are great, but long term results are INCREDIBLE.



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