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This training program is a 6-day training split with a 6-week progressive overload programmed structure following a PPL split. This program will focus on overall muscle symmetry broken down through Push, Pull & Legs stimulated in a repeated strength (low rep) to hypertrophy (high rep) system following a planned out weekly increasing RPE (intensity). All 3 programs follow a similar training approach, exercise structure & progressive weekly system to suit each individual and allow the choice of 6, 5 or 4 days to be decided based on personal preference & allow for similar returns.


The training program will include:


-Exercises & specific GLC cues

-Warm-up guide & training day break down

-Sets, reps, rest, tempo & guided RPE (weekly intensity)

-6 weeks of forced progressive overload & weight tracking

-Accounted volume & frequency for muscle growth

-Email guide with information on how #theGLway approaches training, information on how to use & progress with the program 


*Photo is a base example of the training program


6 week - 6 day PPL Program

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