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TheGLway Online Coaching: 3 dynamics

Future Self Coaching – A service focused on learning how to live a life for your future self. Similar to online coaching in the systems used to approach this journey, but the focus is most intense on learning how to show up for yourself, be more solidified in who you are, progress your boundaries within/ externally & learn the systems needed to be able to develop into the person you want to become. Fitness, health & movement are significant parts of this coaching, but it is not only macros & weights; there is a bigger focus on the routine you have, the way you think & what your responses are to specific situations. Different to online coaching, future self coaching has a weekly 45min FaceTime (Online) call that we have breaking down your week, what you have been experiencing recently, what your current struggles are & having a conversation to bounce different perspectives and thoughts together. Majority of the work runs through a Google Excel spreadsheet, has communication 1:1 via personal texting, has our online FaceTime call & then a 500-1000 word weekly written update breaking down your whole week, what you did, your adherence to my targets, how we can approach areas better, what you are managing well & all others parts of what’s needed to communicate learning to show up for your future self. ($TBD)

Online Coaching - Online coaching is a service that is offered to be more than just a once-off program, emails & macros - I have developed it to allow someone who is feeling stuck at current, lacking within their life or themself, not where they want to be or with a future vision/ goal for themself that they don't know how to reach or what the right approach would be. Online coaching is a service that is focused on the long-term success of an individual beyond just scale weight & leg press PBs; its about learning the essential base foundations, understanding how to do right by the future you, learning how to plan, prioritise, develop adherence to a long term success, learning that progression comes through control & not restriction & finally work towards being a version that deep inside you know you can be. Not just settling for a life of "good enough". Online coaching is a service that runs on an online google excel spreadsheet, it has the programming of the needed factors relevant to your journey, it has direct communication, support and contact 1:1. However online coaching can run in two parts:

Indepth: A high exchange of personal videos, demos and a weekly mid-week communication check-in going over the ins and outs of your week. A 500-1000 word update on the past 7 days, a higher connection of understanding, coach & client input, as well as a more navigating together dynamic to the process. ($135-145 PW)

Basic: A needed exchange of personal/ pre created videos, our main check in is the end of the week update, which is focused on just changing targets/ weekly goals, not an in-depth written assessment of the week. This service is more focused on direct guidance & accountability, unlike in-depth there is a more efficient approach to the week as it's focused on just giving what's needed in very simple terms. ($80-100 PW)


** GLC pricing is often increased monthly due to the demand for coaching, consults and the wait for positions. Once a price is decided its NEVER increased, but increases are often for new starts and incoming future GLC journeys. Naturally as my effort, time and energy for GLC increases, so does the cost & the want for those only interested in truly investing in themselves. GLC is an investment NOT a cost with those I work with.

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