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A Deleted Inquiry Turned Follow Through

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

This journey right here is an incredible one I am so fucking proud of… what started with a sent out then deleted inquiry, left for a week or two and then the official decision that he wasn’t happy with where he was, who he was or the current lifestyle that had been created. Flin started his journey at a training age & the experience level of zero… counting macros was unheard of, movement exertion with cardio and steps weren’t thought of & the ability to confidently weight train didn’t for him seem near. I always feel so confined to keeping a client's journey to a short Instagram caption as it just doesn’t do any journey the justice they deserve. This lifestyle transformation was a more private and personal experience but I am so grateful to have been introduced & given the ability to walk right next to Flin down this path.

START: 101kg

BW 1 PT built to 3 PTs as there was a heavy reliance on support/ guidance

Zero macro tracking knowledge

Minimal weekly movement

Minimal interest in learning & educating

Half honest tracking. .


84.7kg BW (16.3kg BF loss)

4-5 weekly sessions on his own, with performance PBs weekly

High level of weekly movement with run time PBs

Consistent weekly education & program questioning

Major ownership & realistic weekly tracking.

It’s not common that you come across people that are able to progress & grow as much as what I have seen happen over the course of this. There have been plenty of incredible weeks, hard weeks, good weeks, struggle weeks, progressions, regressions, times of peak motivation & times where giving up was right on the line… there have been many challenges, with ups and downs but that’s where all the growth has come from. The individual I consulted with those months ago is so unrecognisable, incredibly transformed and changed to be the current best version. There is so much more to this story, there are so many things left out but I am incredibly proud, & excited to see what comes along this path in the coming weeks.

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