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Trusting the journey LONG TERM

Updated: Jan 13

Mariam and I starting working together for a journey focused on body recoup, BF loss and gym routine. You might think is about losing 10kg in 3 months and all is good. It’s not always that, I have seen this one go to lengths than most could to show up for her future self. This has always been my intention in mind, because if we can push together almost to breaking points, she’s unstoppable for life.

We pushed movement to the max, we tracked calories 100% 7 days a week, I saw 18k step days, early morning runs to fit in with work, 4 sessions a week of training, yet her BW was going up, the struggle for routine was elevating and things became hard, UNTIL we had a huge chat that one of the most assisting factors in a journey is;




The initial routine lost a few kg… however this current routine has seen her body decrease trending over time, her lifts increasing over time, her enjoyment for the gym ramp up & the balance of looking after her in all ways step to a new level.

Past - current comparisons:

Weights: 4 sessions 90 mins - 3 sessions 60mins

Cardio hours - a push tied to each session

BW 90kg - 84.4kg… trending down

Nutrition MFP 24/7 - hasn’t tracked for WEEKS.

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