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Updated: Mar 18

Over the last 12 or so weeks, I have been working alongside a very special, strong, hard-working & wonderful young BOSS ASS human on working through what it takes to show up for the future you & the work that can allow you to move towards their direction of any goal you set. For the X amount of years I have been coaching, I haven't come across such a young individual so aware, so conscious and so set on doing the work towards progressing her future self. There have been so many ups, downs, forwards and backs along the way, but ultimately following the long-term progressive trend of not 0-100 phased based approaching, rather a slow stepping stone week to week to make sure the foundations we have played stay & don't crumble the minute she goes off on her own. There are a million a 1 things I could list from her mindset to her attitude, to her understanding, to her physical change, top her energy balance change, to her … but here are some that stand out to me, having known the work that went into each one.


Starting BW: 48kg, Current BW: 52.8kg (4.8kg)

Pre start cals: 1300, Current built cals: 2000 (55% increase)

Weekly total movement: 75mins, Current movement: 150-220mins

Hip Thrust: 3 x 5 - 50kg, Current: 5 x 7 - 80kg

From inside treadmill only cardio, outside conscious movement

Conscious that you fuel a hard-working body - not starve it

Aware that all things move on an imperfect graph but change as a long-term trend

Things aren't done for the direct result, rather the million other benefits, that then as a by-product, allow the result to come


Living as the current future you version of the 12 week ago past version, knowing how proud you are of what that 12 week ago you did for the current you now.

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