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Sometimes making a change is something maybe not yet wanted... BUT needed.

Updated: May 31, 2023

The title of this post is a relevant statement when it comes to the journey of this fucking incredible male I worked closely with over some months towards the goal of changing his life, his future, potentially extending his life, increasing his ability of what we can do with his kids, becoming a role model but MOST importantly making a change for the Josh of his past who didn't know any better, who wasn't in a position for self-development and progressive growth & showing that past Josh a way of looking after and thriving NOT self-destructing.

Josh's journey was one that started with an inquiry some weeks before he actually followed through with it. We talked, went over the approaches/ methods, shared his past, current situations, and what he is doing, but most importantly, just talked about the opportunity of what we could do on this journey together. We chatted and then I let it simmer for a few weeks. A few weeks later, something then clicked, what clicked was the realisation that maybe he didnt feel it was the right time in terms of want BUT it was the right time in terms of need...

The complexity of this journey is something fucking insane. From weight -loss, to learning future self care, learning how to show up for the future him, learning to love exercise, seeing exercise and an opportunity for an positive outlet and not a burden, slowly quitting smoking along the way... but out of all that was achieved, reached, pushed for and checked off - the main goal was showing the Josh of his past, the man who over the last few years just didn't see the light at the end of the tunnel that's it's possible, and he didn't just want it for him - he did it.

Journeys now days im not overly fixated on the numbers, the scale drops, the BF %'s, its about control, feeling, look, health, mental health, and lifestyle BUT part of this journey are some fucking insane numbers that have to be shared.


Body weight 128kg - 80.2kg (47.8kg loss in weight)

Body Fat 35-45% - 10-15% (20-30% loss in Body fat)

Muscle mass throughout this journey increased - consistently.

From a person of self sabotage to a strong man, focused, goal-driven, directed, fit, conscious, aware, role model & kind - What I was so grateful to be a part of watching Josh do makes me proud every single day.

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