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A Life Changing Decision

This photo is a representation of a journey undertaken by a very special individual who had come to a decision that enough was enough… before our initial consult Melissa was a complete fresh starter. She was a non-gym goer, didn’t do any weekly cardio, had minimal nutritional knowledge, hadn’t tracked or known what macros were, free weight training was a no chance and monitoring her weekly effort/ stats wasn’t something ever thought about….

This journey is one of the, most incredible transformations I have ever seen; physically, mentally, lifestyle change, education, mindset… Along the way it has not been all that easy, there have been some really hard times, some areas of wanting to stop, times of it being too hard and “not worth it”… It’s hard to come by someone wanting it so bad they are willing to do what ever it takes with however long it takes to get themselves in the position they have dream’t of, well I’ll tell you Mel is an example of that.

It’s so so hard to put into words the work I have seen done & the journey unfold over the past year, the challenges I have seen over come, the want and need for progression, the hours and hard work with ZERO excuses, the honesty with tracking and relationship built is one I will forever value.

The initial consult saw Mel sitting at 81.1kg BW, she said her goal is to lose 15kgs… well 18.8kgs later sitting at a BW of 62.3kg and today working her ass off at home during lockdown she is still not done.

Proud… is such an understatement

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