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Updated: May 31, 2023

I sat down this morning staring blankly at my computer for ages thinking how the actual fuck am I going to be able to express, shine a light on and share this journey so far. I sat down with this amazing, strong, focused boss-ass queen a bit ago, and it is special to be able to say that because those words, topics, thoughts and themes were not a possible thought from her when we first opportunity explored.


I used to post this happened in X amount of weeks, had Y% BF loss, increased Z amount of LMM, but the fucking changes, progressions and developments are so rich and full in the thoughts, mindset, self-view, lifestyle, being a progressive human, education/ understanding, confidence in the gym and herself, increasing how she fuels her body, progressing her life to be more active and output focused… and then, of course, the hard work she has put towards creating her ideal/ dream body.


Yes, these photos are a few training blocks apart, yes she’s worked towards 9.2kg of body fat loss, had a 50kg hip thrusts to volume 130kgs, 40kg back squats to volume 70kg… all fucking amazing progressions and developments, but she has also gone from 1110cal daily norms to now built up to 1750cals, she has gone from 60g struggle protein days to over 115g daily, from questioning if she is doing enough to now actively understanding rest/ recovery, gone from no tracking to OT tracking, to now tracking with continually developing balance and flexibility, gone from saying her ability with weights is fucking weak, to literally texting me about hitting a PB ON HER OWN more then once.


Oh & these photos… how about these photos - how fucking amazing to see someone working on themselves with the understanding of balance, knowing how to priority play, learning weight loss doesn’t come from less food, that we don’t need to deserve the right to rest/ recover, that more can be less, less can be more, that true change takes time, regression is part of progression…


Steff told me initially that she consulted after seeing one of my GLC’s journeys; she now has multiple consults saying they are exploring from what she has been doing. You make me SO FUCKING PROUD. ALWAYS. I can’t express it.

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