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A BW Goal Turned Into Personal Development

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

I could so easily post these photos right here and leave the post caption less… these photos tell a 1000 words without even breaking down this journey. When highlighting a journey it is always the hardest to limit, choose and talk about the important points, events and progressions as there are too many, so many and all in-between. Bree started working with me in June 2021, she had already been on her own journey for some time but after a few months of a plateau, we consulted together. A client & coach match that was on the same wavelength from the start.

One of Bree’s main goals, when first starting was to break the 100kg into the doubles, little did she know that it would be a small part of a development of goals that would range from personal, lifestyle, mindset, education, subconscious programming & not only reaching that goal but becoming the best possible version of Bree Dean possible.

B started at 109kg/102cm waist, 1500 daily cals, sub 100g protein intake, 2 x random sessions per week & some weekly movement… Currently sitting at 94.2kg/sub 85cm waist, built up to 2100 cals, 155g protein intake, 4 progressive tracked weight sessions,1-2 consistent HIIT classes… After a long integration using the stepping stone & averaged method Bree's gym life progression, lifestyle changes & overalls has her unrecognisable from when we started. Though some of the biggest differences I have seen is the way she now thinks and talks about herself… Holding a different language, a different value & complete developed confidence.

You’d catch me writing pages about this journey but the photos say it all & I'm sure you can understand the hard fucking work that has gone into this journey to where it is to date.

From an inspired, proud & amazed coach I am so grateful to be on this journey with you & walking right beside you through it.

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