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Increased cals isn't always weight gain

One of the most important factors that I try to include a level of progress in with most journeys of course when possible is the overall progression with the ratio of an individual’s energy balance. Now I don’t mean energy balance of just waking up ready to go, I'm talking about the individuals situation seeing progress in energy intake (increase cal consumption) & energy output (more general daily movement).


There is a concept that I have wired into my brain to know how to calculate, progress & monitor that I have had issues explaining as it's one of those concepts that I just know & feel. However, I want to give an example of a recent clients journey that directly demonstrates this in practice so it can be understood.


Taylor started coaching under GLC with the initial goal of increasing LMM, decreasing body fat, essentially a change in her body composition along with many other lifestyle, educational, & self-developmental goals too. One of my main focuses with Tay was to progress her energy balance without the result of drastic body composition change in either direction... rather a slow weekly progressive change moving towards her physical goals. Here is the work that has been done over the last few weeks & I want you to note the differences in caloric intake, movement & then her physical photos.



Bodyweight: 59.5kg

Calories: 900-1300 daily avg

Protein: 70-80g daily avg

Cardio: None

Steps: 7.3k daily avg



Bodyweight: 58.9kg

Calories: 1800-1900 daily avg

Protein: 120g daily avg

Cardio: 100mins + 20mins stepper

Steps: 10k-10.75k daily avg



Bodyweight: 600g

Calories: 600-900 daily

Protein: 40-50g daily

Cardio: 100mins + 20mins stepper weekly

Steps: 2700-3450 daily


The difference in her BW is so micro over the period we have been working together but the energy balance has drastically changed in all areas… now I could write paragraphs and paragraphs with my reasons behind the health benefits, the long term improvements, but to keep it simple she is now moving more & being more active over the week whilst consuming some of the highest cals she ever has, all whilst keeping her BW in control & heading towards her goals. These photos speak for themselves.

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